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We have robust disaster recovery and business continuity strategies to ensure hosted solutions are always available to you and your partners. We offer a comprehensive SLA solution, which covers the whole service with guaranteed application availability.

Our solutions utilise the latest advances in virtualisation, security and storage technologies. Our internal team designs and delivers resilient platforms backed by live disaster recovery and offsite failover strategies.

We continually monitor, select and evaluate new technologies, products, services and methods as part of our process of continual improvement and to enhance quality of service.

We offer a choice of hosting options to best meet your company's requirements. Enabling you to strike the right balance between elasticity and pricing, and control and compliance. whatever you choose you'll receive the highest level of service and commitment from our dedicated team.

Public Cloud

Our public cloud option provides companies with a cost effective, flexible, and easy-to-scale solution. Our public cloud is managed and provided by our partner with over 8 years in cloud hosting experience.

Hosted in a multi-tenant hardware and application environment in one of our partners UK based tier 4 aligned data centres.

  • BS ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems) certified.
  • BS ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (Information Security Management Systems) certified.
  • All software updates managed by CORE.
  • 128-bit SSL data encrypted connections.
  • Automatic hourly back-ups.

Private Cloud

Our solutions can be hosted in a single-tenant, private cloud environment, running on our own dedicated hardware for enhanced security and compliance. As with our public cloud option, we manage the entire solution and provide a flexible and easy-to-scale platform.

Hosted in our single-tenant environment in our UK based data centre.

  • Our data centre is specified to the UK Data Centre Uptime Institute and EU Code on Conduct specifications for Tier 2 resiliency.
  • Hardware, software and all updates are managed by CORE.
  • Dedicated infrastructure for security or policy reasons.
  • N+1 resilience by design.
  • DR solution based on an offsite mirror.


For organisations with the most demanding data and privacy requirements, deploy our systems behind your firewall on your own hardware.

We can work in partnership with you to implement our solution on your infrastructure. With flexible licensing and adaptable development, support and maintenance options we can find a solution to suit you.


Our employees and the relationships they have built with our clients are CORE's most valuable assets. Our collaborative style of working, when coupled with our technical and industry knowledge, creates a special combination that facilitates the effective implementation of our systems.

We have extensive experience from analysis of business requirements, systems architecture design, development and implementation of solutions and of course maintenance and support of both the required infrastructure and the overall solution.

Development and implementation of global solutions requires a deep understanding of how to integrate business processes with efficient IS/IT solutions.

Our implementation services include:

  • Requirements analysis and design.
  • Business role identification and configuration.
  • Report and dashboard development.
  • Support and training material authoring.
  • Third party integration management.

We offer a choice of hosting options to best meet your company's requirements. Enabling you to strike the right balance between elasticity and pricing, and control and compliance. whatever you choose you'll recieve the highest level of service and commitment from our dedicated team.

Create more than a super tracking system; use our visibility system to drive sustainable improvements in lead times, deliver reliability, and inventory reductions.

Help & Support

We provide a comprehensive technical support service for our global customers. In addition we can offer business related support services tailored to an individual customers needs. For Example; User administration and authorisation for partners and suppliers to selected application and portals.

Our help desk is the first port of call to establishing a support process for all incident and service related requests and their resolution. We provide unlimited support during office hours and contacting our service desk couldn't be easier - either call, email or online - as often as you need.

We operate strict target SLAs in order to give you the best service to our customers.

Your call answered by a person.

No call waiting menu system.

Unlimited support during office hours.

Call, Email or log directly into our support portal.

Emergency 24/7 support.

Extensive documentaton

Systems Integration

system integration

In today's global economy, companies collaborate with partners to streamline operations, smooth transactions and ultimately add value and create competitive advantage. In today's connected world, the role of systems integration is becoming more and more important: more and more systems need to connect, both within your system and the system of others.

Systems integration is about the aggregation of subsystems to add value and extend capability

SIV is a high level business integration and execution framework ideally suited to providing visibility across the extended supply chain incorporating many disparate systems.

Incorporating cloud-based services into our business environment has helped us operate more efficiently, increase performance up-scaling, and build redundancy and resilience into our systems and infrastructure.

Our integration services include:

  • EDIFact and X12 EDI File standards.
  • XML, CSV and proprietary file formats.
  • Web services, WCF, Custom APIs, Serialisation and many more.
  • FTP/S site hosting and message forwarding.
  • Real-time or scheduled data exchanges.
  • Automated monitoring and alerting.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.
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