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Business Intelligence

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This impressive Business Intelligence module provides you with intuitive and valuable historical, current and predictive business information.

Use the powerful Business Intelligence function to analyse and present data in new innovative ways via reports and dashboards.

Discover hidden problems, identify trends and unearth opportunities for improved efficiencies and profitability.

Can deliver information as easily to your Inbox as it can to your desktop or printer.

The Business Intelligence module gives you the potential to

  • Perform complex financial analyses.
  • Review key performance indicators.
  • Accelerate and improve decision making.
  • Optimise internal business processes.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Drives new revenues.
  • Gain competitive advantage.
  • Identify market trends.
  • Spot business problems.


  A system is only as good as the information you can get from it.  

  1. Operational efficiency
  2. Optimise processes
  3. Competitive advantage
  4. Decision making
  5. Market trends

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