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Global Stock View

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Global Stock View Management Dashboard giving you product level visibility of inventory across your extended supply chain.

Analysis of Product, Order, Shipment and Warehouse Stock data to provide you with an up to the minute view of what is where in your extended supply chain.

Data filter options enable you to easily focus on specific Products. Perhaps you are only interested in white t-shirts ?

Select the Product you require. The Global Stock View will show you, on a week by week basis

  • The quantity Pre-Shipping/On Orders.
  • The quantity In Transit.
  • The quantity In Stock.
  • The quantity On Demand.

Enables you to plan and adjust the product pipeline to ensure that product availability matches the anticipated demand.

Drill down capability enables you to see the detail behind the summary figures.


  At-a-glance view of what is where in your supply chain.  

  1. Continual Analysis
  2. Data Filter Options
  3. Product Status and Location
  4. Product Pipeline Planning
  5. Data Drill Down

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