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Non Conformance

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Gives you visibility and enables you to effectively manage and standardise your Non Conformance (NC) processes and procedures.

Define your own NC types. These can be defined and fully integrated with all major system entities and/or processes.

Define your own NC categories and codes to facilitate classification, analysis and reporting. These can be linked to a score-card system to aid with assessment of NC severity.

All NC types support the inclusion/embedding of both text and digitally based information.

Allows all parties in the supply chain to view, raise, respond and contribute to NC’s in a controlled environment.

Powerful system tools give you comprehensive historical and trend data analysis enabling the design and foundation of corrective and preventative action strategies.

Graphical management dashboards and flexible reports with drill-down capabilities to provide uniform/quick reference view of NC statistics.

Allows the creation of multiple NC’s against a single entity/process. Each NC has a unique identifier.

NC’s can even be raised automatically by the system where appropriate.


  System alerts are automatically sent to interested parties.  

  1. Flexible Set-Up Options
  2. Performance Monitoring
  3. Control And Visibility
  4. Collaborative

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