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An essential purchase order management module that enables collaboration between your vendors, logistics partners and import teams.

Connect your business, real-time, to your suppliers, using our PO management module and create a collaborative platform to provide continuous visibility into inventory, even before manufacturing starts.

Your purchase orders are managed electronically with your suppliers via a web portal, providing instance confirmation of changes, production and shipping events. Acceptance of unit costs for later production of commercial invoices to avoid the discrepancies that can arrive at clearance.

Leverage our IT resources, supplier and third-party enablement experts for faster implementations, and the onboarding and integration of new suppliers.

Suppliers are automatically contacted if status updates are not reported when expected. This removes the need to chase suppliers for updates and creates an exception based report system. Resulting in improvements in supplier compliance, helping to ensure the right product in the right place at the right time.


  Create a collaborative platform to provide continuous visibility into inventory.  

  1. Supplier web portal
  2. Electronic Distribution
  3. PO Confirmation
  4. Status Updates
  5. Exception Reports

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