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Order Pipeline

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A comprehensive Order Pipeline Management Dashboard providing a visual progress status of all your orders and products.

Continually analysing your data to provide you with a 24/7 ‘up to the minute’ graphical order status summary. At a glance, see which orders are early, on time or late. Displayed orders colour coded according to their status. It couldn’t be clearer.

Data filter options enable you to easily focus on specific orders. Perhaps you are only interested in orders that are late or orders placed on a particular vendor. It’s all at your fingertips.

System alerts are automatically sent to interested parties when exceptions occur. You don’t even need to logon to find out something is potentially going wrong.

The templates used to track the progress of your orders are defined by you ensuring that they are relevant to your business, processes and expectations. You can define different templates for different order types and scenarios. The result is a function which is tailored specifically for your needs.

Don’t forget, as time passes, your business will change. You can easily change the Order Pipeline to align with your changing needs.

Select an order and drill down. All the information is there. Find out in detail why the order is late and what action is being taken to get it back on track. You can even issue your own instructions directly to the relevant parties.


  System alerts are automatically sent to interested parties when exceptions occur.  

  1. Continual Analysis
  2. Data Filter Options
  3. System Alerts
  4. Order Templates
  5. Flexibility
  6. Data Drill Down

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