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Premium Freight Authorization

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Fully integrated environment for the initiation, authorisation, management and control of Premium Freight Authorisation requests.

Driven by configurable Authorisation templates which enable you to customise the process to match your preferred business practices and rules.

The need for Premium Freight Authorisation is automatically driven by your underlying order information.

Vendor Booking is automatically prevented where the appropriate Premium Freight Authorisation process has not been successfully completed.

Collaborative approach which allows all interested parties to directly provide the required information at the appropriate point in the process.

Enables the costs associated with each Premium Freight request to be included in the overall process.

Comprehensive targeted system alerts pro-actively ensure processes are followed within the prescribed time parameters. All relevant parties are notified of all Premium Freight Authorisation activity. Exceptions are communicated directly to the relevant parties for resolution/visibility.

Analysis and reporting tools provide all parties with visibility, communication and resolution capabilities. Dashboard facilities are also available for performance analyses.


  Customised to match your preferred business practices and rules.  

  1. Configurable Templates
  2. Automatically Driven
  3. Collaborative
  4. Recorded Costs
  5. Control And Visibility

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