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Vendor Booking

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Enables your Vendors to book the movement of goods directly with the logistics provider. Gives you have control and visibility of all activities and exceptions.

Booking Window facility enables you to control when an order is available for Booking. This ensures that goods arrive at destination when you want them to. The Booking Window is calculated automatically based on your business rules, order details and multi modal Shipping Transit Times.

Booking Tolerance parameters enable you to enforce business rules concerning the under/over Booking of product quantities by the Vendor.

Premium Freight Authorisation is fully integrated and enables both you and the logistics provider to enforce bespoke business rules and processes.

You can control whether individual Vendors are sanctioned to factory load containers or whether goods must be delivered to the logistic provider for consolidation.

Forces the Vendor to discuss with you any changes required to the underlying order before Booking can proceed.

Comprehensive targeted system alerts ensure processes are followed within the prescribed time parameters. All relevant parties are notified of all Booking activity. Exceptions are communicated directly to the relevant parties for resolution/visibility.

Analysis and reporting tools provide all parties with visibility, communication and resolution capabilities. Dashboard facilities are also available for Vendor Performance analyses.


  Confidence that your Booking process is under control.  

  1. Booking Window Controls
  2. Quantity Tolerance
  3. Premium Freight Authorisation
  4. Factory Load
  5. Vendor Performance Analysis

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