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Vessel Arrival Dashboard

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Comprehensive multi-functional Vessel Arrival dashboard providing you with a visual progress and status summary of all your current sea freight.

At-a-glance Vessel shipping status (In-Transit, Due At Port, Overdue, Arrived) with graphical representation of voyage progress.

Information panel showing key data relating to the selected Vessel (Estimated Progress, Actual Departure Date, Container Numbers, Gross Weight, Volume, etc).

Clearly highlights data irregularities. Powerful operational bulk data update facilities

  • Update Vessel ETA.
  • Consolidate Vessel ETA’s.
  • Create, update and/or cancel key progress events.

Data filter options enable you to easily focus on specific items. Perhaps you are only interested in a specific Vessel or even a specific Order.

Data drill down functionality. Select a particular Vessel and drill down through Container, Shipment, Order and Product levels for a complete set of detailed information.


  A one-stop shop for viewing the status of your sea freight.  

  1. Powerful operational tool
  2. Instant visibility
  3. Data drill down
  4. Supply chain planning

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