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If your organisation needs comprehensive visibility into order, shipment and inventory across all aspects of your business - and wishes to achieve much more value around shipment resolution and supply chain improvement - our solutions can help you.

Global supply chains are inherently complex, multi-party, multi-process with high degrees of uncertainty, therefore visibility technology is essential to moving to a more productive, exception based management practice.

Visibility systems collect a potentially huge amount of data. Configuring the solution to present appropriate information can help your users work in an exception management fashion - rather than wade around the system.

We believe role-based views, personalised task lists and exception reports are vital to achieving best use of the available data. Role based views can enable broader access to your solution across your stake holders. Providing visibility to your DC partners enables them to accurately assess what equipment and resources they will need for each incoming vessel from Asia.

If you're concerned with the lack of critical supply chain process visibility for managing your global supply chain operations then we can help.

There are benefits to be gained in your supply chain through improved visibility and process management. The second step is doing something about it and Getting Started.

Explore the options below to discover which implementation method is best for you.


  Create more than a super tracking system; use our visibility system to drive sustainable improvements in lead times, deliver reliability, and inventory reductions.
If you still have rudimentary levels of visibility, using a mishmash of spreadsheets, carrier tracking systems, and home-grown department-centric applications, consider deploying our visibility solution with cross-functional access, resolution and analysis capabilities.  


Our system managed by us on-demand to you

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The most straightforward and direct approach - Software as a Service (SaaS); Hosted by ourselves and paid for on a fixed price or pay-as-you-go transaction basis.

If your organisation would prefer to leverage our IT resources, supplier and third-party enablement experts for faster implementation, easier ongoing maintenance and lower up-front costs. This option is for you.

Our system hosted by you

The system application is implemented at your company.

You will need sufficient internal IT and trading partner enablement resources to implement and maintain the system and its infrastructure. This strategy carries higher risks and capital expenditure compared to an on-demand solution, but if you have concerns over security of supply or require much greater control this option could be for you.

We can work in partnerships with you to implement our solution on your infrastructure. With flexible licensing and adaptable development, support and maintenance options we can find a solution to suit you.

Our system provided by your logistics company

If your organisation has significant logistics outsourcing to a single 3PL and you're willing to be tied to that provider this option could be for you.

The system implementation is handled by the 3PL requiring very little of your own IT resources. The systems they provide are often functionality rich and comparable to commercial visibility solutions. Some 3PLs have built their own systems while others "white label" a commercial solution.

Avoid 'own built' 3PL systems, IT is not their core business and the solutions provided can be too generic. Adaptation to your supply chain is hindered due to the impact on their other customers. Opt for a 3PL partner that implements a commercial solution - like the ones we work with.

If this is your preferred option you can still use our system. We provide supply chain visibility and execution solutions to some of the top 10 and 100 customers of CEVA Logistics. Implementing through CEVA Logistics brings the added benefit of on-ground logistics and vendor management.

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